What’s better than going on a shopping spree and enjoying some much-needed retail therapy? How about being rewarded for all that well-deserved shopping? As a loyal customer you’re entitled to take part in loyalty programs. The best and most consistent customers have the special treatment of getting noticed, honored, and rewarded; it’s one way companies recognize their customers for their loyalty.

In other words, a loyalty program acts as a connection between the store and the customer, to reward them for shopping at their store. This sense of loyalty produces loyalty for the brand too. The best part is that customers get access to store credits, discounts, prizes, and other benefits that affirm commitment.

So, what are the different types of loyalty programs out there? Here are a few, courtesy, PointsKash.

Points loyalty programs: It’s simple. The more customers buy, the more points they earn. In return, these points can be redeemed for a variety of rewards.

Tiered loyalty programs: These types of programs create a tiered structure based on the level of customer spending and interaction. Each tier presents a series of rewards that add up. For example, free shipping, samples included with orders, surprise gifts, etc.

Cross-loyalty programs: These programs are based on offering incentives in the form of subscriptions and products from other brand partners.

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