How It Works?

Convert your reward points into CASH in a simple-to-use mobile application while earning PointsKash points on every transaction. You can Use PointsKash To:

Convert Points

Earn Points

Send Points

Spend Points


PointsKash makes it easy.

Having multiple reward point issuers, spending options, and redemption systems, managing and redeeming points can be difficult.

PointsKash connects you to your various rewards programs allowing you to aggregate and convert your points to CASH.

This flexibility allows you to put the power of your points to work—how and where you want.


You can now seamlessly connect your rewards points on a simple-to-use app—across credit cards, movie theaters, sports franchises, hotels, restaurants and more—where you can see your total rewards immediately translated to real cash value.


PointsKash then converts rewards and loyalty points and automatically displays the total value in US dollars to then be converted to cash at point-of-sale.


Unlike existing solutions, PointsKash is the only system that allows you to truly ‘free’ your points and allow you to pay YOUR way anywhere that accepts a digital wallet. You can also send wallet to wallet transfers with safety and ease.


Push notifications, email, social media, and SMS alerts help you stay in-the-know about special programs, bonus points, coupons, and other ways to maximize the value of your points.


Earn PointsKash rewards points on every purchase. So, although you’re spending points, you’re earning them too.


Unlike existing solutions, PointsKash is the only system that allows you to truly ‘free’ your points and pay YOUR way anywhere that accepts a digital wallet. Send wallet-to-wallet transfers with safety and ease.

So, pay back a friend for lunch, give CASH to a loved one, or send money from your PointsKash app for any number of reasons.


There is now a new way to spend; Convert points on the PointsKash app, select which reward points you want to spend from your dashboard of programs and do so at any point of sale. 

If you don’t have the points to cover the whole purchase, no problem, just top it off from your debit or credit card.

Do you want a physical card to use for transactions? No problem, PointsKash can provide one to you, which you can use as a debit card to spend points and crypto anywhere. 

Spending in the PointsKash ecosystem allows you to earn even more rewards as you spend. Unlike credit cards, CASH back spending is not limited to where, when, or how you spend.

Unlock the Freedom to pay YOUR way. Redeem rewards points and spin up your own PointsKash MasterCard or Visa debit card to shop online or in a store. You can also send CASH from wallet to wallet. The possibilities are endless…

  • Fill your gas tank
  • Get a cup of coffee
  • Pay back a friend
  • Buy a soda
  • Buy groceries
  • Go to the movies and get some popcorn while you’re at it
  • Take a friend out to lunch
  • Pay for a vacation rental
  • Rent a car
  • Pay the pool guy
  • Go on a cruise
  • Order pizza
  • And just about any other form of purchase you can imagine

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