Have you ever wondered how loyalty programs measure your brand loyalty and purchasing activity? For this, there are certain parameters and indicators which you can also use to track and be mindful of your own movements, as well as the frequency of participation with specific brands. This in turn translates to countless benefits, including special offers and incredible discounts that reward you, but what are these loyalty indicators based on? At PointsKash we tell you briefly and in detail!

So, let’s go over it. Loyalty indicators are those that measure the propensity of a customer to repeat the purchase of a good or service of the same brand. Thus, the benefits to an organization of a loyal customer base, include greater visibility into future revenue and maximizing the lifetime value of each customer. Below, we share with you some specific points that brands analyze for each of your behaviors.

✓Loyal customers are more likely to recommend your services to others.

✓They are not actively looking to switch to another brand.

✓They are willing to try products and services other than what they previously purchased.

✓Their average purchase is usually high and increasing.

✓They are more understanding when problems arise.

✓They are likely to give you positive feedback and advice on how to improve your services.

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