Do you know how rewards points work? Let us tell you!

The sound of the cashier ringing up your purchases isn’t the only moment that can be exciting; how about the moment when your bill amounts to much less after applying your reward points? They can accumulate over time and be hard to keep track of when having all different accounts. It can be stressful keeping track of all the different points and rewards you have. At PointsKash, we are about to release  a simple solution to help alleviate your stress, give you the best bang for your buck, and give you the freedom to pay your way.

Let’s start with a simple definition rewards points:

It’s as easy as pie! The idea is to build user loyalty by rewarding them with points for using the company’s products.


Now to get into the nitty-gritty on how to redeem points with rewards. Once you have enough points to get what you want, all eligible rewards will be highlighted for redemption on your rewards page. Just select ‘Redeem’ and then follow the steps. Browse the page and redeem when you’re ready. Once you do this, you have the benefit of great prizes at your disposal, ranging from movies and apps to sweepstakes and so much more, all for you to enjoy an exceptional entertainment experience.


You can always save up for a big-ticket item or spend your points on smaller rewards along the way; regardless of whether you want to redeem your points. It’s important to know that your rewards programs keep track of your points, so you can keep earning and spending without having to keep counting them on your fingers.


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