Loyalty Points: Change your life with the power of your points!

Did you know that with PointsKash points redemption platform, you can access promotions and discounts? Incredible! Regardless of how many points you redeem or the value of your purchase within the PointsKash app, our goal is to build relationships and deliver experiences rather than selling products. The PointsKash app was created to understand the real needs of our users and speak directly to them through personalized offers, we are like no other loyalty rewards program. Not only that, but we’ll also give you PK Points for redeeming yours. Get ready to receive our best offers!

 The following are four loyalty points benefits to users:




Members can be rewarded with points, miles, discounts, added value, or other tangible benefits that non-members do not receive.




Members can count on exclusive benefits such as lounge access, priority queuing, and VIP events.




Members can be shown appreciation by providing them with surprise gifts or rewards.




Members receive communications, offers, and rewards tailored to their individual preferences, increasing utility and appeal.


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